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Hot Music For Cold Cruising Days: Stereo Off – “Automated”

  • December 8, 2015
  • 1 min read

stereo off

Stereo Off


The Long Hot Weather

This is another great song from Stereo Off.  From the pulsating bass (something out of Heaven 17) to the glistening keyboards (think Duran Duran with keyboards accented) to guitar riffs (Echo and the Bunnymen) to that heavenly voice of Sebastian soaring high above it all.  Stereo Off is a five piece group of New York City based indie rockers with electronic overtones. When producer/ lead vocalist Sebastian began the new project, he enlisted an eclectic roster of friends from the band scenes of London and NYC. With influences ranging from electronic bands and rock influences from classic rock to 90’s indie bands, Stereo Off takes a straight forward approach in their danceable melodies, catchy guitar riffs and analog keyboard accents.  Popwrapped claims that the whole EP:

“needs to be played while driving down the highway in the summer with the windows down and volume turned right up.”

They are so correct.  Even in that long hot winter, open the windows and sing at the top of your lungs.  Stereo Off is that good.

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