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Indictment: OVTLIER – “Spineless”

  • September 15, 2019
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Spineless / Buried Me Alive

What a great, ass-kicking song about a topic that is so fucking important; the fact that government, Big Pharma, coal/oil industry, big business in general, and the health industry just don’t give a shit about anything but profit.  Just like OVTLIER, I used to think that there was a way to save this world, but my generation, and all the following generations sold out to mammon (money).  We blew it guys, and OVTLIER brings all the anger out in this great song.  OVTLIER is from Rochester, NY, and delivers such a punch.  I love everything I’ve heard by them, but this song has sick riffs, drum beats from hell, and vocals that are gritty yet right on.  Joey Arena says “Spineless” was written about the pain and suffering his grandmother went through at the hands of the medical profession.  As he states:

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Where did it start and when does it end? I am questioning more cause I’m tired of watching loved ones suffer. What is scarier than to believe you’re just a rat in an endless maze? Are we just slaves to ourselves? Do we enslave each other? This is not just about doctors; this is about politicians, the media, corporations, and companies that we support. Bankers, lawyers, judges, these are the people you put your faith in and that you give power to. To massive amounts of these lab coat vermin, we are social experiments at best. The elite or powers that be sit back, fund and watch the reactions of society. Knowing pharmaceutical sales reps, being told how everyone gets their kick-backs and primarily the doctors get incentive to push specific drugs, its a dark and twisted charade and all trial and error. How about the stories that are surfacing about purposely misdiagnosing cancers? How much of a piece of shit do you have to be to rip someone’s heart out, fuck their world up and evidently kill them? It’s related population control. Good thing karma exists. My thoughts are this; like all businesses, doctors also need returning business. To treat sickness and to cure it are two different things.”

This is a great song, a perfect indictment on American culture.  Listen.


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