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Interview – Johnnie Lee Jordan

  • February 26, 2015
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WOW!!!!!  Johnnie Lee Jordan has a kick to his music that is so very rarely found nowadays.  Jordan combines the musicality of the Pixies and the Replacements with the lyricism of Bob Dylan, and delivers it all with that punch rock and roll always needs.  From the almost bluish jamming to deep lyrics to great looks, Jordan has it all.  Here is a voice that deserves to be heard.  AudioFuzz sat down to talk to this magnetizing artist.
 1. How long have you been playing?  When and where did you start?

I’ve been playing and making music in some capacity as long as I can remember. I started giging when I was 12. All the skateboarders had bad pop-punk bands.

 2.  I watched in an amazement your video, “Kingdom Come”.  You seemed to pour your soul out for the audience.  Are you afraid you might reveal too much?

     No, I just do my thing up there. If anything happens that makes me or the crowd feel uncomfortable, well that’s just part of the show. And thank you I’m glad you dug it.

3.  I totally love your style.  Who were some of your main influences?  Who do you listen to today?

Lou Reed is the first guy I remember getting rattled by. I was really young like 9. My dad had a greatest hits and I blew my top for it. New York Telephone conversation, seemed like some sort of elevated children’s song.

4. Are you touring solo or with the Boys?

 It depends on the room. It’s rare but if you can play a room with a crowd that can keep their traps shut for 45 minutes a solo spooky show is unrivaled.

 5.  Do you enjoy live or studio work best?  You do have this live magnetism.

Apples and Oranges. You get a different high from each. I really like working in a studio alone. You can freak out. The only one forming any sort of opinion is yourself. It’s a great way to have a conversation with your higher and younger self at the same time.

 6.  When are you going to play Pittsburgh?

Spring most likely.  I love that city.

7.  Anything else that you wanted to relate?

This is the most exciting time for music.
There is a sea change coming. Be nice to one another.

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