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Killer Punk Ass: Worth Taking – “Different Now”

  • December 3, 2015
  • 1 min read

worth taking2

Worth Taking

“Different Now”


Wow.  And I thought Worth Taking’s “This One’s For You” kicked ass, that was nothing compared to “Different Now”.  Unbelievably strong power chords, I mean, these power chords can blow your speakers out.  Amazing garage punk band.  Comprised of core members Jerod McBrayer (vocals/guitar), Chris Self (bass) and Chase Kossack (drums), and heavily influenced by pop-punk acts, San Franciscan-based Worth Taking is one heavy, kick-ass band.  They may say they are influenced by Blink-82, but I hear a serious Blue Cheer influence.  I love my music loud and fast.  Worth Taking is as fast as the Ramones, but they know many different chords.  What a great punk band

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