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Korean Punk: Used Cassettes – “Ghost Stories”

  • April 26, 2016
  • 1 min read

used cassettes

Used Cassettes

“Ghost Stories”

Rock N Rill

So, you’ve been asking and looking for the next down and dirty, punky rock n roll and thinking, Jack White, you deserted us?  Well, look no further.  Used Cassettes are here.  They have this Richard Hell sound to them that covers up the whole talent thing that these guys have going.   They are an amazingly great band.

Sunburnt, half-dazed and several piers down from the fluoride tide of the Korean Wave, Used Cassettes are a stomp-and-stagger rock band based in Seoul. Their tunes are served straight up like the Stones’, though maybe a bit sandier, and waterlogged by an unlikely drift of far-flung currents. The group may have met not far from Gangnam, but they hail from South Africa, Canada, and Detroit.

All I know, Used Cassettes sounds like a cross between the Stones and the Voidoids.  Iggy would be proud of these guys. Now, tour in the US.  WOW!!!

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