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Lo-fi Folk: Bittersweet – “Know It All”

  • December 20, 2015
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“Know It All”

Wish I Were Wrong

Why do I like this band?  Well, as their press release says, Bitterheart began playing in 2013 as the result of hometown boredom and the need to create music. Trevor Rue (guitar, vocals) and Samantha Roche (vocals) spent a year playing as milk & honey wherever they could; relying on the power of raw, acoustic harmonies.  And it works.  This is one of the best vocal duos I’ve heard since the Moldy Peaches or Oh Honey with a touch of Lou Reed thrown in.  This is folk music at its very best; busking for a living.  Their EP is just perfect; lo-fi emphasizing the vocals.  Watch this band get big but not change their independent status.  What a great band.  Simon and Garfunkle started this way, guys.

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