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Lorkin O’Reilly – “Still You” – Marriage Material

  • July 11, 2021
  • 1 min read

Lorkin O’Reilly – “Still You” – Marriage Material

Scottish born Lorkin O’Reilly has written the perfect break-up song.  Everybody wants you to move on, but you’re still in love with your former lover.  O’Reilly has this intimate voice, one of those which makes you think, “hey, this is a secret, and I want only you to hear.”  He reminds me of a cross between Damian Rice and Sufjan Stevens, only better voiced and more intimate.  It is rare when a song makes me cry, but with O’Reilly, he makes you feel everything he feels.  You understand him; he understands you.  This song, this whole album, is perfect for those lonely night times.

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