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Love From Guyana: Juke Ross – “Shadows In The Dark”

  • November 12, 2017
  • 1 min read
Love From Guyana:  Juke Ross – “Shadows In The Dark”

Juke Ross

“Shadows In The Dark”


What a powerful, plaintive voice Juke Ross, just made for confessional and uplifting message of power and redemption.  Coming from Guyana, Ross has the voice that is beautiful and emotional.  He reminds me of ’70’s singer/songwriters like James Taylor, but even more blunt and strong.  His love for his country and Bob Dylan is so obvious, but he is so fresh, definitely someone to watch.  As his bio says:

GREY are the songs that provided momentary distraction; songs that defined a feeling I don’t completely understand yet cuts the same with each listen.”

That is exactly how I feel when I listen to this album.  It cuts deeply and beautifully.  Listen, fall in love with Juke Ross.  Below is his link to his lyrics.  Deep, mature, wonderful.

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