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Modern Protest: Sean Alan – “Refugee Song”

  • April 15, 2018
  • 1 min read
Modern Protest:  Sean Alan – “Refugee Song”

Sean Alan

“Refugee Song”

The Show Must Go On

Sadly, what an appropriate song for today, when countries have decided to ban refugees from a certain country which they are in the process of bombing.  Sean Alan has that Dylanesque style, bringing important issues in a sing-a-long style.

For an LA-based singer/songwriter, Sean Alan certainly does an impressive job at channeling the classic luminaries of Nashville and Muscle Shoals, with a bit of Detroit and Philly soul thrown in.

In his voice, you can find traces of Otis, Petty, Willie, and the other greats.  This is tremendous music.  I hope people pay attention.




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