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Monologue – Modern Life: Sonny Smith – “The Exterminators”

  • January 15, 2016
  • 1 min read

sonny smith

Sonny Smith

“The Exterminators”

Sees All Knows All

Here we have the most honest but saddest album I have heard since Lydia Lunch or Nick Cave.  A spoken album, it tells the story of a bohemian man having a quarter-life crisis, wondering the streets of San Francisco experimenting with sex and drugs and dealing with regret. The music that accompanies the story was created by many San Francisco musicians like Kelly Stoltz, Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys / Magic Trick), Kyle Field (Little Wings), Alexi Glickman (Sandy’s), & Sun Foot (Chris Johanson). On top of that, the album cover and booklet was also designed by a few of Sonny’s local friends: Chris Johanson, Shayde Sartin, and Shannon Shaw (Shannon & The Clams).  This really is one of the most depressing but wonderful album I have heard.  Thank you for being so real.  Warning: Do Not Listen To This Album By Yourself.

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