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Music Collages: Monster Rally – “Sunny Sloth”

  • December 10, 2017
  • 1 min read
Music Collages:  Monster Rally – “Sunny Sloth”

Monster Rally

“Sunny Sloth”

Flowering Jungle

Some of the oddest and most beautiful music ever recorded, Flowering Jungle is worth listening to.  With a sound like Esquival! on drugs, Monster Rally has created something extremely interesting.  Monster Rally is the musical project of Cleveland born artist Ted Feighan. Inspired by vintage exotica and tropical imagery, Feighan produces albums composed of collaged samples collected from his vast archive of vinyl records. A visual artist as well, Feighan’s found paper collages go hand in hand with his music to create a stunning and surreal imaginary landscape.  Imagine Brian Eno and Esquivel! making Space Pop from safaris, and you have Flowering Jungle.  Enjoy the trip.

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