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Music Exceptional: Rachel Ana Dobken – “Belief Beneath”

  • October 28, 2018
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Music Exceptional:  Rachel Ana Dobken – “Belief Beneath”
Danny Clinch

Rachel Ana Dobken

“Belief Beneath”

When It Happens To You

What a great album.  Rachel Ana Dobken has that certain something that lifts this album above most of the music out there.  With one foot in the blues, the other foot in alternative, Dobken has produced a unique blend of beauty unsurpassed.  What a voice, what great lyrics, what a band.  And Dobken can play drums, guitar, and piano that will knock you off (the drums especially carry the whole album).  The musicians on Dobken’s album include:

Rachel Ana Dobken (drums, guitar, vocals, piano)
Dan Haase (bass)
Andy Jackle (drums- Intro, Got Away, Taking My Time)
Ryan MacLean (guitar)
Joey Henderson (guitar, vocals)
Mark Masefield (B3 hammond)
Danny Clinch (harmonica)
Chris Dubrow (bass- Us, Taking My Time)
Ian Gray (trombone)
Bruce Krywinski (trumpet)
Denis Daly (sax)

As you can hear, Dobken is almost a one-woman show.  Bonnie Raitt would be so impressed.  I am.  Catchy, guitar-driven, beautiful, and what a voice.  Fall in love with her; she won’t break your heart.

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