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Musical Mindtrips: Kikagaku Moyo – “Green Sugar”

  • April 30, 2016
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Photo Cred: Kentaro
Photo Cred: Kentaro

Kikagaku Moyo

“Green Sugar”

House In The Tall Grass

Welcome to my new favorite band.  If you liked Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett or Traffic or early Santana, you love Kikagaku Moyo like I do.  They are tremendous, taking psychedelia and blues, and putting a Japanese take on it all.  I was listening to an interview of theirs from a show in Italy, and they stated that they all live together in one house, and for live shows, they sometimes wait until they’re on stage before they decide what to play at that gig.  It is that huge flare of creativity that excites about them.  You never what they are going to throw at you next.  They are the most exciting new band.  Kikagaku Moyo are made up of: Vocal/Guitar: Tomo Katsurada; Guitar: Daoud Popal; Sitar: Ryu Kurosawa; Bass: Kotsuguy; and Drum/Vocal: Go Kurosawa.  Their new album will be released on May 13th on Guruguru records.  Check it out.  This is definitely Grammy worthy.

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