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OCD In Music Form: Aseptic Void – “Schadenfreude”

  • March 4, 2018
  • 1 min read
OCD In Music Form:  Aseptic Void – “Schadenfreude”

Aseptic Void


Ideazione Di Contrasto

This is a great yet very disturbing album.  An album dedicated to a mental phenomenon associated with the fear of losing control and present in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is bound to be disturbing yet beautiful. This is a strange journey into the inner workings of an artist stripping all the non-essentials from music until it becomes a lost step in the artist’s psyche.  As the bio states: “An experimental dark ambient in which nothing is left to pure aesthetic taste, but moves from an authentic excavation into the psychic process of a mental disorder that imprisons the listener in an abysmal void.”  Aseptic Void is Davide Terreni, who was born in January 29, 1989, in San Miniato, Italy.
Aseptic Void characterizes his songs with dark tones, which intertwine Dark Ambient with experimental music. Terreni is also a painter.  With the combination of music and art, Aseptic Void investigates that slippery slope between mental disorders that imprison and those that set one free.  Listen to the journey.  The trip is worth it.

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