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Ominous Truth In Details Missed: Papertwins – “Candy Cigarettes”

  • September 8, 2019
  • 1 min read
Ominous Truth In Details Missed:  Papertwins – “Candy Cigarettes”


“Candy Cigarettes”

Family Portraits

There is something so sinister about “Candy Cigarettes”, as if the music there is this sense of dread, that the world might look sweet and innocent, but there is evil looking below.  The band claims:

“It was a Sally Mann photograph that was the original inspiration for this song. We’ve all come across old family photos that seem to reveal our personalities and future lives with unsettling accuracy. When something goes wrong we look for clues in the faces of old family snap shots trying to pinpoint the exact moment when everything changed.”  (Check out the picture on the Soundcloud page).

We all have those dark places in our lives that are often revealed in those unexpected photo moments, actual or not, that provide a mirror to the darkness inside.  A wonderful mathrock band (heck, one of their interests in the periodic table), Papertwin is comprised of Max Decker- vocals, guitar, synthesizer; Francis Cardinale- drums, programming; and Nick Shopa- synthesizers, vocals.  Check out the frightening familiarity of Papertwin.  This is one of my new favorite bands.

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