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Paula Cole – “Wayfaring Stranger” – American Quilt

  • June 26, 2021
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Paula Cole – “Wayfaring Stranger” – American Quilt

Paula Cole is back with a vengeance.  This time, she has decided to sing American standards, which serve as perfect songs for her perfect instrument, her voice. “Wayfaring Stranger” (traditional) is produced and arranged by for her eleventh album American Quilt, and features Jay Bellerose (drums), Kevin Barry (guitar), Ross Gallagher (upright bass) and Kathleen Parks (violin).  Cole reaches way down into her soul to deliver this beautiful song.  “Wayfaring Stranger” has rarely had such a beautiful rendition. In Cole’s version, you can see a poor woman at the end of her days praying that she can reach that other land where her parents are.  Her voice is strong yet fragile, and those beautiful high notes have not been used so perfectly.  This song is so bittersweet.  This reminds me of growing up in the Christian Church, where we were always taught this world is not our home, giving us the strength to bare all temporary burdens.  Now is the time for our revival.

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