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Post New Wave Chanteuse: Mirrorball – “This Time”

  • May 26, 2019
  • 1 min read
Post New Wave Chanteuse:  Mirrorball – “This Time”


“This Time”

 Singer/songwriter Alexandra Johnstone and guitarist Scott Watson, mainstays of LA’s underground scene, have come together to produce this beautiful musical poem that brings to mind the sound of Ace of Base with the look Nico, very chanteuse like.  Johnstone’s voice is gorgeous as it reaches deep in and grabs your heart.  As their bio says:

(“This Time” is an)  uptempo post-new wave number imbued with mystery and longing. Johnstone’s words ring out with poignancy over a sea of fluttering keyboard arpeggios, culminating with the almost cautionary phrase “never say this time.”

This is truly beautiful music.  I cannot wait for more beautiful songs to drop from this talented duo.  Thank you so much

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