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Power Punk: Worth Taking – “This One’s For You”

  • November 22, 2015
  • 1 min read

worth taking

Worth Taking

“This One’s For You”


“Punk enough for you, but still pop enough for your mom.”
– Entertwine

That is one of my favorite descriptions I have heard.  Of course, my mom liked Patti Smith and Blondie (she’d be 100 this year), so Worth Taking would be fun for her.  Hell, Worth Taking is wonderful fun.  With a sound similar to Finish Ticket, Third Eye Blind, and the Offspring, Worth Taking has that punk/pop sound that makes me want to grab my skate board.  The San Francisco-based band presents uplifting themes and lyricism, creating catchy songs to which you can rock out while also being inspired.  I love punk/pop, as you well know, and Worth Taking is worth taking a listen to and more (hey, the pun was there: I had to take it).  Go skate.

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