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Protest With a Difference: Fast Romantics – “Why We Fight”

  • January 31, 2017
  • 2 min read

Fast Romantics

“Why We Fight”

What a tremendous, upbeat, unlikely protest song from the Canadian band, Fast Romantics.  Comprised of Matthew Angus, Kirty, Jeffrey Lewis, Kevin Black, Nick McKinlay, and Lisa Lorenz, Fast Romantics have that rock sound that made the best of Bruce Springfield so memorable; hooks, hooks, and more hooks.  Think of the Canadian version of “Born In The USA”.  However, “Why We Fight” is not a protest song, in the traditional sense. It is perhaps best described as the reflections of a non-American songwriter living close to the border, hyper-aware of the US and its influence over Canada and the world. It’s a song about being hungry for something, and fighting for it through chaos that can be beyond our control.  As Fast Romantics songwriter, singer and guitarist Matthew Angus explains: “‘Why We Fight’ started out as a song about myself, about what it is that drives me to even be in a band in the first place. But it quickly evolved into an ode to anyone who finds themselves hungry for something that might seem out of reach.”  There is the type of song that needs to be performed in an arena.  I can’t wait to see Fast Romantics live.

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