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Punk Blues: Thee Blind Crows – “Like A Storm”

  • September 10, 2016
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Thee Blind Crows

“Like A Storm”

Back From The Cave

Thee Blind Crows know a thing about music.  Comprised of Al Crow on  Guitar and Vocals and Diego Crow on Drums, Thee Blind Crows have figured it out:  Rock n Roll works best stripped down.  The duo recognize among their influences bands like The Cramps, The Black Keys, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, RL Burnside and especially about Flat Duo Jets.  As the Bellrays stated: “blues is the teacher, punk is the preacher”.  Thee Blind Crows reach back to the legend of Blues superstar, Robert Johnson, and his deal with the devil at the crossroads.  This duo from Galicia may not have sold their souls to the devil, but they have certainly sold their soul to punk.  Listen to these guys.  The very best punk I’ve heard for a long while.

FEEL  Power

SOUND Evilly good

SIGHT The devil

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