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Pure Beauty: Carriers – “Make It right”

  • July 18, 2019
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Pure Beauty:  Carriers – “Make It right”


“Make It Right”

Now Is The Time for Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else

Everything about the new single by Carriers cries out to be listened to, from the first stuttered drum beat (amazing drums on this song) to Curt Kiser’s strong and emotive voice.  Carriers is Cincinnati’s long kept secret, but trust me, not for long.  As their press states:

Carriers’ debut LP, Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else, is a testament to the power of self-reflection and is carefully layered, leaning on strong
core songwriting, hypnotic synths and lush guitar tones from Kiser, mesmerizing percussion delivered by Bryan Devendorf (from The National), and nuanced, dynamic bass lines from John Curley (The Afgahn Whigs). The 9-track album evokes the same guitar-led grandeur of The War on Drugs as Kiser takes stock of life, death, relationships and gratitude for another day.
Seriously, this is some seriously beautiful music.  Everything fits so smoothly to deliver Kiser’s vision with the most intensity of an album since, well, The War On Drugs.  The sounding pessimism of “Make It Right” is tempered by the optimism hidden within.  This is a great debut, and one that is continuously on my rotation of listened to albums.
Every day is a new day
Ya get a new slate
Every day is a new dance
Ya get another chance
Everyday is a new way
Try to work it out
Every day is a new one
Leave yesterday’s doubt
Everyday there’s an old lie
Leave your past behind
Everyday there a new lie
Move beyond the gun
Everyday your a new man
Use the best hand
Everyday is a wild one
Be the best man
Make it right
Through the night
Down and out for count
Until tomorrow comes
Finding truth finding out
When tomorrow comes
Yesterday was a bad one
Wet eyes, lost the love
Today is a new day
Drink the morning blood
Make it right
Through the night
Put your best foot out
Prepare for the dark cloud
Tell yourself what you know now
Don’t give in to the self route
Put your most faith out
Just a seed will do
Watch it grow to the next day
Don’t take your worst move

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