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Pure Pop Magic: Heather LaRose – “Run With Me”

  • October 15, 2015
  • 1 min read

heather larose

Heather LaRose

“Run With Me”

Those who think good pop music is dead, have not heard Heather LaRose.  This woman knows that the word “pop” is not always bad.  “Pop” is short for popular, and there are some great popular artists out there:  Sam Smith, Lana del Rey, Adele.  And now Heather LaRose.  Here voice is so wonderfully pure.  (I know, oh reader, you’re thinking; Phil, you’ve reviewed her before.  Yeah, but she’s that damned good, so listen or eat gravel) (Just kidding).  As LaRose herself says:

My coming of age anthem I wrote when I transferred from Liberty University back to NY. it’s about wanting all of my friends from Virginia to run away with me to NY – Perfect for an end of summer roadtrip for the millennial determind (sic) not (to) grow up just yet filled with iching(sic) wanderlust.

I love LaRose’s voice.  She makes me feel good.  She feeds my bright, happy sound. (Yes, readers, I can be very happy).  Heather LaRose should be playing on every radio.  Even though, then she won’t be my personal singer, but I’m willing to share her.  She is that damned good.

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  • I just wanted to thank you personally so much for writing such amazing things about me!! You’re awesome Phil!!!

  • Love this song!

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