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R&B Perfection: Wingtip (Ft Youngr) – “Space For Us”

  • December 10, 2017
  • 1 min read
R&B Perfection:  Wingtip (Ft Youngr) – “Space For Us”

Wingtip (ft Youngr)

“Space For Us”

What a great R&B song that has that certain something that takes it out of the normal to a step way beyond.  The vocals of Youngr in the background certainly adds a lot.  Wingtip is Nicholas Perloff-Giles, and he claims:

This is my first song since ‘Rewind’ I wrote on my own – it was a really cool experience to step back from the world of co-writes and explore expressing exclusively a perspective of my own. Hearing Youngr take the words I just had in my head and give them so much life and punch was amazing – I owe him a ton for making this song what it is.

This is a great song.  Wonderful music.

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