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Rock n Roll Saviors: The Pleading – “

  • January 13, 2019
  • 1 min read
Rock n Roll Saviors:  The Pleading – “

The Pleading

“Run Away”

YEAH.  One of my favorite bands of all time has a new single out, and geez, it is a killer.  Do you love killer guitar riffs, vocals that only a true singer can deliver, and lyrics to melt your heart?  Well, The Pleading are here for you.  The ’10’s answer to Stone Temple Pilots, this is the band that we’ve been waiting for to save us from boring, oldie bands that refuse to make new material, yet won’t quit touring.  Thank God the new crew of music makers led by The Pleading are out there to lead us to that rock n roll heaven we used to inhabit.  Thanks, guys.  (Oh, pick up their previous EP, Decay)

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