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Sadness Made Beautiful: Jordan Siwek – “Lover And A Giver”

  • August 12, 2018
  • 1 min read
Sadness Made Beautiful:  Jordan Siwek – “Lover And A Giver”

Jordan Siwek

“Lover And A Giver”

Sun Inside You

What a beautiful voice.  Never has sadness and despair sounded so beautiful.  This must be how the angels sound when they look down on how we are messing up this world.  NYC native Jordan Siwek has been playing piano and singing for as long as he could walk and talk. His influences are Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens, among others, all who weren’t afraid of facing the world straight on yet still sounding positive.  His piano playing is totally amazing, his voice wonderful, and his melodies never leave your head.  This is one of the best singer/songwriters since Cat Stevens.  Listen and learn.

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