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SEE: Chris Riffle – “Nothing But The Waves”

  • March 22, 2015
  • 1 min read

chris riffle

Chris Riffle

“Nothing But The Waves”

Out Of Town

OH MY GOD.  I love this man, his voice, his music, his subject matter.  He is like a male Lana Del Rey or Sade, the very best of the singer/songwriter, with a voice that can melt your heart a mile away, and he’s beautiful, which is a plus.  I am in love.

The Deli NYC, who premiered the video, calls “Nothing But the Waves” “a song that miraculously forces you to pay attention; a song that moves you, that reminds you that there’s still a part inside of you able to feel.”

The black and white video reflects the lyrics and the feel of the song so well.  Riffle has become my new favorite, male singer.  A perfect match of material, music, and voice.  UNBELIEVABLE.



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