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See – The Meaning of Life; “I Want To Do With You What Spring Does With The Cherry Trees”

  • February 8, 2015
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the meaning of life

The Meaning of Life

“I Want To Do With You What Spring Does With The Cherry Tree”

Diamonds and Junkfood

Besides having the greatest name and greatest song title ever, The Meaning of Life is a great band with a that dreamy, 60’s psychedelic pop sound that is so intriguing.  The sounds and voices just whirl around in your brain, bringing back the mood of the sixties, yet it has that modern sound.  The Meaning of Life juxtaposes beautiful sounds with the definite immediate, millennium message of

the difficulties of modern relationships, the duality of man, the seductive complexities of the female spirit, and the inevitable paradox waiting on every corner of New York City. (Creem Magazine)
This is a band that needs to be heard and experienced.  Please let 2/17 come soon, so that the EP will be available for all of us.

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