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See – Tumbleweed Wanderers – “Bad Blood”

  • March 22, 2015
  • 1 min read


Tumbleweed Wanderers

“Bad Blood”


Ever wonder what happened to Leon Russell and those other funky  rockers?  Well, here they are.  Tumbleweed Wanderers come across as as a mix of Leon and Dr. John with the best of early southern, Allman Brothers’ rock.  This is a band that makes great CD’s but really needs to be experienced live.  Their funky, boogie-woogie, rock sound is perfect for getting your ass out of your seat and dancing all over the arena.  This is a great band.  Finding out that they are from Oakland might come as a surprise until you realize that Credence Clearwater Revival came from San Francisco, and Tumbleweed Wanderers could be John Fogarty’s children.  Also, one can pick up that early Big Brother influence.  Impressive mix.  I do want to see these guys live.  This ass needs to dance.

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