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Short Jams: Monotronic – “In Your Head”

  • September 8, 2019
  • 1 min read
Short Jams:  Monotronic – “In Your Head”


“In Your Head”


Monotronic is a great melodic band where the music is so incredibly different from what you hear today, from the wah-wah pedal on the guitar, to the crisp drumming, to the fluid basslines, to those washed-out vocals sounding as if they were recorded in a closet.  A well established jamtronic band, on their debut album they decided that they wanted to reduce those jams to 4 to 5 minute whole.  Guitarist Ramsey Elkholy has described the sound as:

“a concept, whereby each instrument can be heard as a continuation of the other and the music sounds as one distinct whole, emanating from a single source”.

Monotronic is Ramsey Elkholy (guitar, lap steel), Adam Ahuja (keyboard,vocals), Alex Hayes (bass, vocals), and Devin Collins (drums, live electronics).  This album is an amazingly coherent and fantastic debut.  While some bands are for nighttime, some for day, Monotronic is a band perfect for whatever time of day it is.  Jam to this band.  Again, the wah-wah pedal blew me away.

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