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Smoky Barroom Blues: Ten Ton Man – “Bone To Pick”

  • October 25, 2015
  • 1 min read

ten ton man3

Ten Ton Man

“Bone To Pick”

Permission To Sin

Ten Ton Man has done it again.  They’ve release a new single from their new EP that sounds like Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Louis Armstrong came to together and made a record.  The sound is familiar yet so astonishingly different.  Honestly, this is the type of music you listen in that smoky bar where the booze is cheap and the women/men cheaper.  (Sorry, I had to throw that in).  This is the type of music you would expect in The Maltese Falcon or Casablanca with Bogart, Peter Lorie, the Fat Man, and Ingrid Bergman or especially Mary Astor.  I love Ten Ton Man.  The combination of jazz and Waits-type blues is so unique.  Bartender, give me a shot and a beer.

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