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Sunny Afternoon Music: Redcast – “Julia”

  • October 18, 2015
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The Look Up

Remember watching the Monkees on MTV or even in the beginning?  Remember that tremendous, fresh sound they had?  Well, Redcast has that same sound, updated and more mature.  They sound a lot like the Monkees meet the Beach Boys in their Pet Sounds era.  Redcast come from the Portland, OR, era, and they sound like they would be perfect for Portlandia.  In fact, (w)hen Redcast are not making music, they are running the Portland-based coffee shop, Saint Simon Coffee Company, which won best new coffee shop, and is the only 5-star rated coffee house in the Portland area!  I swear, I hear Mickey Dolenz singing on this song.  (by the way, Dolenz is probably the most underrated singer in rock ‘n’ roll).  Being compared to the Monkees is a definite complement.  When you think of the 60’s, the first bands are the Beatles, the Stone, the Beach Boys, and the Monkees.  To have a sound reminiscent to them is a great complement.  Just a note:  Redcast are NOT a copy band; they are extremely original and very upbeat.  Don’t take them as a joke.  Redcast are serious about music.

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