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Sweet Dreams?: Joni Fatora – “You Make My Dreams Come True”

  • November 1, 2015
  • 1 min read

jodi fatora

Joni Fatora

“You Make My Dreams Come True”

Oh my goddess, who ever thought that a simple Hall & Oates song could be so creepy.  Well, Joni Fatora knew it.  Her version of “You Make My Dreams Come True” will haunt you forever.  You’re going to wonder, what the hell is she dreaming of.  Fatora’s voice may be sweet and tender, which it is, and extremely beautiful, but the nuance she adds to this song will creep the hell out of anyone who wants to get close to her.  I love this.  This is the type of interpretation that Marilyn Manson or The The would add to a song.  Great version.  This is a young singer that has a great future.  I’ve been told her own material is just as strong.  I cannot wait to hear more.

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