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Tales Of The World: Norman Salant – “At The End Of The World”

  • December 9, 2018
  • 1 min read
Tales Of The World:  Norman Salant – “At The End Of The World”

Norman Salant 

“At The End Of The World”

Always All Around You

With a voice and style like Elliot Smith, Norman Salant comes after you with his tales of sadness, love, and cows? Yes, cows.  While Salant has been known for his avant garde sax playing and his usually obscure lyrics, lately he has decided that he had something to say.  And he does.  Claiming the concept album is not dead, Salant has delivered a strong, beautiful collection of songs that deal with ” the world we live in and various states and perceptions of it.”  Luckily he still plays sax, because he knows how great a sax sounds lifting up lyrics and vocals.  This is a beautiful album.  Besides the Smith influence, Paul Simon and Neil Young influences pop up too, but it is all Salant’s show.  Listen to this album on a rainy day; you will feel better.  What a vision.

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