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Tarentino David Lynch Soundtrack: The Peach Kings – “Showdown”

  • January 22, 2017
  • 2 min read

The Peach Kings


This is one of the few bands I have heard that deserves comparisons to PJ Harvey.  Their song, “Showdown”, slinks around like a version of “Dress”, or something that crawled out of the swamps of Louisiana.  What great music, the soundtrack to a new Tarentino movie or True Blood episode.  There is something unbelievably primal and sexy in this tune.  According to their bio:

The Peach Kings are the rock noir duo of Paige Wood and Steven Dies, whose songs capture a certain gritty nostalgia that combine a vintage sensibility with modern storytelling. With a raw sound and raucous stage presence, the curated vibe is a nod to classic cult movies and directors like Lynch, Tarantino, and Andersen. Embodying something unmistakably retro, their inspiration includes PJ Harvey, Nancy Sinatra, The Cramps, Lou Reed, Lee Hazelwood, and Portishead, adding their own undercurrent of sultry fuzz through every last note.

Every one of their influences top my list of favorites.  PJ meets Nancy as Ivy Rorschach and Bryan Gregory play on, fronted by a female Lux Interior.  What a great mix.  This is one of the best singles I’ve heard for a long time.  I cannot get it out of my head.  Excuse me while I listen to it again.

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