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They’re BACK: Rainy Day Crush – “Heartbreak (And How To Get Over It)”

  • April 25, 2017
  • 1 min read

Rainy Day Crush

“Heartbreak (And How To Get Over It)”

I’m Still Alive

Rainy Day Crush are back in a strong way.  This is the way Power Pop should sound; resounding chords crashing down, vocals to die for, a melody that won’t leave your head, lyrics that empower and make you feel good.  That is all here.  Rainy Day Crush started in the 90’s and had a good run, making great music, living with the times.  Then the band fell apart.  In 2012, the band was asked to play a fundraiser.  Down to the basic three, Matt, Mike, and Derek, the band played and realized there was that certain something still there, that spark of genius, that love of music.  So, the guys started to write and perform again.  The result:  this beautiful, wonderful, empowering (there I go again, but that’s what this song is; empowering), music.  With a sound slightly somewhat reminiscent to Eve 6 and Third Eye Blind, Rainy Day Crust HAD to reunite.  The music in them is too damn strong.  Thank the muses they decided to get back up.

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