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Thunderstorm Memories: Def Robot – “Falling Apart Again”

  • July 2, 2019
  • 1 min read

Def Robot

“Falling Apart Again”

Makers Of Mountains

There is something nostalgic yet tragic in the sound of Def Robot.  To me, they bring up memories of storms I’ve endured, successfully or not, in my life.  Maybe it’s the beautiful background music while the vocals are full of this beautiful sadness.  As their press says:

Paul Taylor and David Hancox, began life as Def Robot earlier this year, guided by a shared enthusiasm for punk, rock and Americana, mixed with northern English grit and dark film noir. Their sound and songs gradually came together.
“We are here to paint a bleak but thrilling picture like a brooding electric storm in a desert at night, with two shadowy figures on the horizon,” says David Hancox.

In this Def Robot most certainly succeed.  Maybe it’s my English roots, maybe my love of instability, maybe the shadowy effect this music creates, this is one of my favorite musical pieces I’ve heard for a while.  And that mournful guitar solo just is the thunder to the lightning.

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