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Wistfulness: Slowness – “Rose”

  • March 10, 2019
  • 1 min read
Wistfulness:  Slowness – “Rose”




Slowness has just signed Schoolkid Records, and in April they are releasing Berths.  The first single, “Rose”, has just dropped and what a great example of shoegaze it is.  Comprised of Geoffrey Scott – vocals, guitar and keys; Julie Lynn – vocals, bass and keys; and Christy Davis – drums and additional vocals, Slowness is simply beautiful.  Julie Lynn’s voice is unique and wistful, just like shoegaze needs.  Her voice reflects itself in the guitars (especially that beautifully mournful lead in between verses) while the drums and bassline (a great, moving line, one of my favorites I’ve heard) keep the song moving without dragging at all.  This is perfect early evening/early dawn music.  Schoolkid Records signed a real winner. (Oh, and check out their earlier albums: wonderful).

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