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Writers To Indulge In: Art Schop – “The Writers”

  • February 17, 2019
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Writers To Indulge In:  Art Schop – “The Writers”

Art Schop

“The Writers”

Death Wait II – the Writers

Art Schop has done it again.  In his last album, he explored some of his favorite painters and sculptors; in this album, he explores his feelings and reactions to his favorite writers, many of which are mine also.  These artists are Emily Dickinson, Haruki Murakami, Isaac Babel, Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath, James Joyce, Dante, Paul Bowles, Seamus Heaney, and Albert Camus. And how you knew three of my favorite poets were Dickinson, Plath, and Dante (you need to include Sexton and Rosetti the next time), and Murakami is my go-to author always.  And of course, Schop’s lyrics, music, and especially his keyboards always set the mood for his great introspective songs.  No doubt, Art Schop is one of the most intellectual singer/songwriters out there without being so obtuse as to scare potential listeners away.  This is magnificent music.

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