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Zwerg – Ear Candy for the masses, eye candy also

  • January 4, 2015
  • 1 min read




“tO sTand KneEL”

Zwerg is the pseudonym of Eldon Thiele from New Brunswick, Canada.  His music is extremely complex yet fun pop music, just the type that is needed right now.  Later Zwerg has been performing with Dan and Mike Bourgeois (The Melanie Morgan Band/Chris Cummings/George Belliveau), Danny Roy (The Melanie Morgan Band), and Robin Anne Ettles (Roch Voisine/Sol/Shaun LeBlanc) as a complete band.  Not only is Zwerg an unbelievably talented musician, but he is also gorgeous, which helps a lot, and he is extremely sweet.  This is a man/band that needs to be listened to, and listened to often.


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