Mumble Rappers Are Joe Buddens Karma

Joe Budden recently participated in an interview on Everyday Struggle and had a lot of criticism for Lil Yachty. Joe Budden long ago lost his credibility, perhaps it was when he became a reality star on Love and Hip Hop NY…Joe Budden has been and sold out. In his songs he talks about shooting at people, drugs, has beaten women in the past and all the negative connotations associated with rap music, but because Yachty isn’t lyrical, is now talking about him not representing hip hop?? Joe Budden is another drug addict!! Let Lil Yachty make his money! Furthermore where is all the backlash against Drill music and the countless Chicago rappers who have lost their lives over rap beefs. Well, I have a theory about todays new rappers. Lil Yachty is his son, obviously not biologically. Similar to how Joe Budden and other rappers were birthed by the God MC Rakim! All rappers intially wanted was to be respected by others in the art form…..but when the frequency changed in Hip Hop and you could become a millionaire from it, they sold their soul for the jewels despite it’s new negative message, they started speaking death in rhymes, and did whatever it took to be placed in a position to be discovered.. such as selling crack to pregnant mothers to be who were carrying babies such as 21 Savage and Lil Yachty……basically today’s rappers are Joe Budden’s and other rappers karma for the message they helped reinforce because he like many others sold out just to get on….Mumble Rappers are rappers karma for selling dope to their community to get studio time and equipment!!

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