The Blow Announces New LP + Fall Dates

The Blow is Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne. We made a new Blow album, called The Blow. It happened like this: we met in Portland in 2004, hooked up in 2006, started itching for new surroundings and moved to New York City in 2008. Around that time we started performing together live as The Blow, with Khaela onstage and Melissa working from behind the audience, manipulating the visual and aural elements. After a few years of swapping ideas and watching them grow and breed new ones, we decided, “Fuck it, why not record a record together?” So we went together into the wordless realm and were there for a couple of years, fusing together the landscape of sounds and samples and waves and sensations that make up The Blow.

The sonic field is a endless grid of possibilities. Using electronic instruments makes the options even more limitless. The record collection on the shelves in our living room reflects some of the beacons that illuminated our way. It’s stacked with art rock heroes, new wave romantics, R&B thumpers, and radio pop. (It might be said that we are fairly poor imitators, moving around in the dark and inventing weird new shapes.) We divided the tasks of making the album between us pretty much according the the differences in how we dream at night. Khaela dreams about people and conversations and juxtaposed feelings: she wrote the lyrics and melodies and many of the compositions. Melissa dreams of being a beam of light bouncing off a Ferrari: anything that gave the songs dimension (arrangement, engineering, synth programming, sample perfecting, half of the composing) was done by her. A lot of the sounds that we used in the album are samples of acoustic instruments that we processed back into electronic elements. We produced this album ourselves in and and around New York City, and we would travel around with our portable rig, sampling performances from friends and acquaintances, running our sounds through other peoples gear like taking it to an audio spa. What we didn’t have we borrowed or found, what we didn’t know how to do we learned. Making this album was an odyssey of experimentation. These songs trace the arc of our somersault into the unknown, holding hands, going backwards through the air, watching to see where we land.

The Blow is to be released on Brooklyn based indie Kanine Records on October 1, 2013.


08/10/13 Sat  Toronto, ON ALL CAPS Festival
08/29/13 Thu  Providence, RI AS220
09/15 & 0916  Portland, OR PICA’s TBA Festival
09/21/13 Sat  Louisville, KY Boomslang Festival
10/11/13 Fri    Boston, MA    Museum of Fine Arts
10/13/13 Sun    Cleveland, OH    Grog Shop
10/14/13 Mon    Chicago, IL    Lincoln Hall
10/15/13 Tue    Minneapolis, MN    Cedar Cultural Center
10/17/13 Thu    Denver, CO    Walnut Room
10/18/13 Fri    Salt Lake City, UT    Kilby Court
10/19/13 Sat    Nampa, ID    Flying M
10/20/13 Sun    Portland, OR    Doug Fir
10/21/13 Mon    Seattle, WA    Neumos
10/25/13 Fri    San Francisco, CA    Bottom of the Hill
10/27/13 Sun    Santa Ana, CA    Constellation Room
10/28/13 Mon    Los Angeles, CA    Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
10/29/13 Tue    San Diego, CA    Casbah
10/30/13 Wed    Phoenix, AZ    Rhythm Room
11/01/13 Fri    Denton, TX    Rubber Gloves
11/02/13 Sat    Austin, TX    Red 7
11/04/13 Mon    Birmingham, AL    Bottletree
11/05/13 Tue    Atlanta, GA    The Earl
11/06/13 Wed    Chapel Hill, NC    Local 506
11/08/13 Fri    Washington DC    Black Cat
11/09/13 Sat    Philadelphia, PA    First Unitarian
11/10/13 Sun    Brooklyn, NY    Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Blow

The Blow


Street Date: Oct. 1, 2013  

Track List:

1. Make It Up
2. A Kiss
3. From The Future
4. I Tell Myself Everything
5. Invisible
6. Hey
7. Like Girls
8. The Spector
9. Not Dead Yet
10. You’re My Light


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