Architectural Music: Humble Fire – “Taliesin”

Humble Fire



Architecture per music.  Humble Fire has built a record with tunes that are substantial like buildings.  For example, their song, “Taliesin”, sounds like what Frank Lloyd Wright’s building would sound like if they could sing.  Coming from DC, Humble Fire is  guitarist Dave and singer Nefra (who came) together through another project and later recruited Xaq, bassist, who responded to Dave’s ad with a purposeful manifesto that will forever go down in band history. While not the band’s original drummer, Jason had long been a friend and active musician in the DC DIY music circuit before signing on in 2016.  Together, they create music that is new, definitely new.  Bauhaus or Post-Modern would be perfect names for the combo, but Humble Fire fits as well, if not better.  Nefra’s voice is amazing, floating about like a steeple over the great foundation the other members of the band has built.  Great stuff.

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