CONTEST: Create the Music Video for Moby’s ‘Almost Home’



If Moby’s latest track inspired creative sparks in you, dear reader, I have some good news! Moby has announced a brand new contest (in partnership with in which YOU get to create the video for ‘Almost Home.’

Last month, Moby released his first full album of new material, Innocents, to overwhelmingly positive reviews. After striking cult popularity in the 90s, with hits like ‘Porcelain,’ and ‘Extreme Ways,’ Moby fell a bit out of the public eye last decade, yet has continued releasing thought-provoking music for hardcore fans. He is one of the most prolific artists working today.

Contest details are simple:

1) Come up with your own expressive visuals for the song

2) Upload Here

3) Moby will personally judge all submissions and the winner not only gets $6,000, but the chance at a 2013 Genero Award and $50,000 worth of prizes!

Get fuzzing!

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