Dark Goth Queen: Anna von Hausswolff – “The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra”

Photo by Maria von Hausswolff and design and layout by Anna von Hausswolff and Magnus Andersson.

Anna von Hausswolff

‘The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra’

Dead Magic

She’s back, that beautiful Swedish Dark Goth goddess.  On her new single, she sounds like a cross between PJ Harvey and Diamonda Galas, especially wins she swoops up to those high notes.  This is a bone-chilling song, with a beautifully weird and creepy video to go with it.  This woman dominates your speakers with her voice, and she is a tremendously talented keyboardist (hearing her play pipe organ will make you rethink the whole instrument).  No wonder Hausswolff loves the music of Burzum (they have that same darkness, but Hausswolff distances herself from Burzum’s personal beliefs and behaviors, which she should).  Imagine Kate Bush performing Swedish Black Metal.  Enough said.  Listen and be enthralled.

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