Dark Sexual R&B: Tolliver – “Emmanuel”

Lindsay Ellary



Rites (Icons Creating Evil Art)

Tolliver will blow you away.  “Emmanuel” is such a multi-layered song that when Tolliver’s voice comes in, it will literally take your breath away.  Tolliver has a great tenor voice that at times reminds me of Smokey Robinson with it’s honesty and inflection.  Tolliver himself is an interesting character, and that is reflected in his lyrics and style.  Let me quote his bio:

Tolliver is the son of a Baptist pastor and gospel singing mother, raised in the ‘wild 100s’ on the south side of Chicago.

He’s a soul singer turned erotic electro R&B artist who writes songs about late night parties and anonymous sex. A Mormon gay porn editor by day, his music is about release and recovery, breakdowns and getting high.

Tolliver’s upcoming EP, Rites (Icons Creating Evil Art), due later this fall, is obsessed with the the sacred and profane – the guilt-filled place where a religious childhood meets the realities of an ungodly present. ​

It’s amazing what a background like his can release.  This is the type of R&B/Dark Pop we’ve been waiting for.  I love this man.  So will you.

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