Heavy Music/Heavy Intensity: Mikhael Paskalev – “Witness”

Photo Cred: Jasper Spanning

Mikhael Paskalev



Mikhael Paskalev, half Bulgarian/half Norwegian, makes music that is impossible to pigeonhole.  All I know, it is super tremendous.  It took a long time for Paskalev to release Heavy, but as Paskalev says,

“The title for me is just what the album means to me, but not at all exclusively negative. It´s like being in love in a Heavy way. Or missing something in a Heavy way. The weight of knowing where I want to go with an album, or how great I want it to become, but still not knowing how to get there. But at least I feel like making something that will be heavy.  It´s double loaded emotionally. Or it´s kind of what I do with songwriting, taking my entire emotional and personal range, and then adding a ton of weight behind it”, Paskalev explains.

This is an extremely intense album, a “Heavy” album.  But that doesn’t mean it is hard listening.  Give it a spin.  Paskalev’s voice, lyrics, and arrangements are always wonderfully beautiful, intense, and mature.  Listen to this one, guys.  Don’t be left out.

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