New Crooner: Nick Blaemire – “She’s You”

Nick Blaemire

“She’s You”

The Ampersand EP

What a voice.  Nick Blaemire might not look like a star, but he sure as hell sings like one.  “The Biggest Star From Montana” has more soul than anybody out there right now.  Remember when blue-eyed soul was a real thing?  Obviously, Blaemire knows that.  As his press says:

Blaemire has had an impressive career on Broadway and Hollywood. At age 23, Blaemire wrote the score to Broadway musical, Glory Days, making him one of the youngest composers to ever hit Broadway. He recently played the lead part in the Off-Broadway production of TICK, TICK… BOOM! With the release of, The Ampersand EP, Blaemire is set to make waves in the mainstream pop scene. Merging his soulful, Broadway-trained voice with catchy, pop and r&b hooks, Blaemire has a wide range of influences, musically and aesthetically, from Weezer to Justin Timberlake to The 1975.

Here he is, girls and guys.  The NEW DREAMPOP BOY.  I love his vocals, his smooth, almost Sinatra style.  Blaemire is so good, I want to hear him and Tony Bennett duet.

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