Nighthawks: American Trappist – “All Night Diner”

american trappist

American Trappist

“All Night Diner”

Hannah Future Tense

American Trappist brings the isolation of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks to life.  With a style reminiscent of Father John Misty and Magnetic Zeroes, American Trappist populates his music with real people. American Trappist is Joe Michelini, who started this project after concluding River City Extension. This EP is the third and final part of American Trappist’s self-titled debut album which will be released September 2.  According to Michelini:

To make one or more significant contributions to American music; to both live with and accurately portray my convictions through my work, with the use of only enough familiar elements that they may serve as a gateway to virgin territories in the work on behalf of the common listener and musician alike. That it might expand their palate and mind, as well as give permission to and create new avenues for all honest creative endeavors; that the world and our race of human beings may better represent ourselves and our vast emotional spectrum and capabilities as productive individuals to the wanting souls of our fellow man, new life that will come to discover the work and it’s purpose as well as his or her own purpose long after my own death, and finally to whatever life in the universe that we have yet to discover expressing a hunger of the soul and an interest in the human race.

While there is a sadness in his music, there is also a bit of hopefulness.  I love the use of piano.  He plays it so well.  Listen and enjoy.

American Trappist – All Night Diner from Brian L. Tice Jr. on Vimeo.

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