Norwegian Mystery: Sigrid Zeiner – “Overload”

Sigrid Zeiner


Coming from Oslo, Norway, Sigrid Zeiner has one of the voices that sends shivers up and down your spine.  Whatever you expected, throw those expectations away.  Zeiner has a soft, seductive voice that draws you into her music, where her use of synths and beats is unlike anything you’ve heard.  She tries and succeeds in surprising you on every turn.  Her new single is a perfect example.  As she is in charge of production, it’s no surprise that her video is wonderfully complex and surprising.  As Wonderland Magazine says:

“the video has an eerie beauty to it, with the stunning aesthetics visualising the frustration of being stuck with your repetitive thoughts,” 
which is perfect description of what’s going on.  Norway is known for great music, and Zeiner takes her place at the top.  If you like Imogean Heap, Bjork, or Frida Hyvonnen, you’ll love her.

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