Punk Passion: Kristeen Young – “Nice”

Kristeen Young


Live at the Witch’s Tit

Oh my Goddess.  Kristeen Young is amazing.  Imagine Diamando Galas, Kate Bush, and Amanda Palmer merged into one frenzied, insane ride.  With a passion that is truly amazing, a technique that kills, and lyrics that attack the mind, Young has it all.  While some people love music, other truly believe in music and know that it’s like magic; a true religion.  Kristeen Young is someone that truly believes in music.  I watch her and I pray she doesn’t break her piano or herself; she has that much passion.  Hailing from St. Louis, Young met drummer, Jefferson Wayne White, as kids and have been collaborating ever since.  And what a collaboration it is.  This is music for the future.  I totally love this woman.

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